Bonett retained its position as the largest CNG vendor in the Czech, 13. 03. 2017

Bonett retained its position as the largest compressed natural gas (CNG) vendor in the Czech Republic in 2016, and has the most extensive Czech network of fueling stations.

Skoda puts CNG trucks into service at main plant, 14. 02. 2017

Skoda, the Czech automaker popular in India for its premium models like the Skoda Rapid and Octavia, has pressed four vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) into service at its main plant...

NGVA Europe Board of Directors has appointed Andrea Gerini as new Secretary General, 10. 02. 2017

Andrea Gerini has been appointed the new Secretary General of NGVA Europe.

PF 2017, 19. 12. 2016

Český plynárenský svaz