Bonett retained its position as the largest CNG vendor in the Czech, 13. 03. 2017

Bonett retained its position as the largest compressed natural gas (CNG) vendor in the Czech Republic in 2016, and has the most extensive Czech network of fueling stations.

It will expand the network to include ten new CNG stations at the Makro/Metro Cash & Carry hypermarkets petrol stations.

   The company sold 7.5 million cubic meters of natural gas, up by almost
   13% year-on-year. “Low prices of conventional fuels competed with CNG
   throughout 2016, but our and others’ results show that CNG is becoming
   increasingly popular and not only amongst businesses,
” says Václav
   Holovčák, Bonett Gas Investment Vice-Chairman.

   The continued rollout of the company’s proprietary fueling station network
   also helped to achieve another record-breaking year. “We opened
   additional new stations; at the end of 2016, we operated 24 stations and
   we want to have 40 stations by the end of 2017,
” comments Holovčák.

Growing CNG consumption is supported by the continuously rising number of CNG passenger cars, of which there are currently some 15.000 in this country while more than 1% of new cars are added every year, and also by a large number of subsidized buses. The number of buses has doubled over the past two years: more than 1.000 gas-fueled buses are currently in operation in 50 Czech towns and cities.

Source: GNV Magazine
March 9, 2017 

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