9th international conference NGV 2016 in Prague

"Prospects for the Development and Use of CNG and LNG in Transport"


Prospects for the Development and Use of CNG/LNG in Transport – an international conference organized by the Czech Gas Association (CGA)  held in Prague, 24th February 2016. 

It´s the biggest conference held in the Czech Republic (CR) with a special focus on natural gas use in transport for the professional public and all those who are interested in this subject. This conference has become a traditional meeting point of foreign and domestic NGV specialists, enterprisers and all those who are interested in ecological, cheap and safe fuel, i.e. natural gas. It´s also anmm opportunity to look back at the activities in the respective branch for the period of the last year and discuss the goals for the periods to come. A traditional part of this conference was an accompanying NGV exhibition of technics and technologies. It was also a suitable place for several negotiations. 

The conference was traditionally started by the CGA director, Ing. Jan Ruml, who welcomed the guests, introduced the lecturers and mentioned some statistics and results achieved in the area of CNG sales. Mr. Ruml also mentioned the steadily increasing number of CNG refuelling stations which are in operation in CZ. He also introduced the tasks for 2016 resulting from the „Clean Mobility“ National Action Plan approved by the Czech goverment. It´s actually one of the prestigious tasks, CGA is dealing with nowadays. The most important task is probably ensuring favourable CNG tax rates after the year 2020, removing existing barriers in the area of parking the CNG cars and supporting the biomethane use in transport. 

The Ministry of Environment, under whose auspices this conference was held, was represented by Mr. Vladimír F. Mana, deputy minister, who evaluated the goals of the Ministry of Environment to reach in the area of the clean mobility. Mr. Mana also accented the support of the Ministry of Environment for the development of alternative fuels in the Czech Republic. 

Mr. Matthias Maedge, new general secretary of the NGVA Europe, Belgium, was another important foreign guest of this conference. In his presentation „Natural gas vehicles, mobility of future“, he accented, that the natural gas is very usable for all models of cars and vehicles as well as for all kinds of transport (incl. shipping trafic) which makes it one of the most prospective fuels of future. He reminded of the increasing LNG importance in the truck transport and also mentioned several changes in the connected European legislature, that are being prepared now. 

Mr. Eduard Muřický, deputy minister in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, mentioned the strategical goals of the approved „Clean Mobility“ National Action Plan, incl. terms of their fulfillment, evaluation and submitting to Czech goverment. 

Within the next presentations, the representatives of Czech ministries of Environment (Mr. Jaroslav Kepka), Transport (Mr. Jan Bezděkovský) and  Regional Development (Mr. Martin Janda) introduced the subvention programmes until 2020 to support the clean mobility, infrastructure development and sales of low-emissions cars (incl. terms of their announcing and funds to be granted) just prepared. 

Mr. Michal Slabý from the company E.ON Energie resp. Václav Chrz and Tomáš Čermák from the company Chart Ferox (Děčín) informed about the LNG technology and projects as well as about the first LNG pilot project in the Czech Republic just prepared. 

The UAMK representatives, Mr. Petr Vomáčkla and Marek Tomíšek, brought some very interesting and partially surprising information about the current and still not ideal situation in the area of parking the CNG cars, incl. some examples of almost pointless restrictions regarding the entering of CNG cars into some places in CR.                         

Mr. Vojtěch Kaksa from the company RWE Distribuční služby and Luboš Trnka from TÜV SÜD Czech informed about some changes in technical legislature in the respektive branch as changes in technical regulations, EHK R110 requirements, etc.

Mr. Stanislav Kopecký from the Fire Services of the Pilsen region informed about the conclusions of the investigation of fire of a CNG bus in June 2015. As the results of this investigation clearly confirmed, the cause of this fire wasn´t the fuel system and the CNG safety elements did function well and properly as they should in conditions of this respective fire, i.e. the CNG fuel system did not affect the fire spreading or intensity.

Mr. Michael Schaarschmidt from the company Zukunft ERDGAS GmbH, Germany, informed about the current situation and activities in NGV area in Germany. The representatives of the companies ŠKODA AUTO (Mrs. Lenka Bočková), Stäubli Systems (Mr. Miroslav Jirgala), Dopravní podnik Ostrava (Mr. Martin Chovanec) and České radiokomunikace (Mr. František Ježek) informed about the experience with the operation of CNG cars and brought some news about the development of CNG dispensing equipment in CNG refuelling stations.       

During the meeting with journalists, the discussion participants also mentioned the successful CNG sales in 2015 (year-to-year increase by 46%) as well as the increasing number of CNG refuelling stations, nowadays 111 in CR, from which 40 of them are directly situated in the area of conventional filling stations as a part of them. Nowadays, the gas companies RWE, E.ON, Pražská plynárenská and Vemex are operators of approx. 45% of all public CNG refuelling stations in CR. Other important companies in this branch are the firms Bonett Gas Investment and Vítkovice Doprava who are also collective CGA members. Nowadays, the biggest network of CNG refuelling stations in CR is operated by the company Bonett Gas Investment – this company also scored the sales record of CNG sold in the Czech Republic in 2015.

The Czech Gas Association would like to thank all the lecturers, exhibitors and participants for their interest in CNG and LNG in transport and their support and popularization of this topic.      

Pavel Novák
3rd March 2016

Photos: CGA copyright, see the Gallery



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