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The Conference Targets: 

Nowadays, we are more and more talking about an economical savings in transport and clean air........

The CNG and LNG utilization (CNG = compressed natural gas, LNG = liquified natural gas) as a fuel for vehicles is less expensive, safer and environment-friendly option than the oil-based fuels. The compressed natural gas is an important, available and full-value fuel. In terms of existing engines and filling methods, the technology used for CNG and LNG is in a state-of-the-art design which can quickly get going.

Since 2005, in the Czech Republic there is fulfilled the Government Decree No. 563 (2005) to the „Supporting programme for alternative fuels (natural gas) in the transport industry“ incl. follow-up Agreement between the Czech Government and Gas Companies (2006) where the Government Decree is further specified. 

The Czech Republic has admited the documents based on indicative EU targets. According to EU, the natural gas and bio-methane are considered the most perspective alternative fuels in a medium-term and long-term period (i.e. until 2030) because they can be a suitable bridge to the hydrogen. The base of the European transport policy was COM (2001) 370, „White Paper European Transport Policy for 2010 – Time to Decide“ adopted by the EU in September 2001. White Paper is based on targets set in the Green Paper (COM (2000) 769, Towards a European Strategy for the Security of Energy Supply, which set the target to replace 20-23% of conventional fuels used in the transport industry with alternative fuels by 2020 (8% biofuels, 10% natural gas, 2-5% hydrogen). The greenhouse-gas emissions from the transport growing dramatically that‘s why we always have to accent the ecologic contribution of the natural gas in transport. We especially have to mention the lower emission limits of CO2, NOx and dust particles MP10 and MP2,5  which are even equal to zero for CNG.

The Czech Gas Association, a professional association of business entities and individuals active in the Czech gas industry, deals systematically and on a long-term basis with prospects for the development and use of natural gas in transport.   

An important and unique event in the Czech Republic, organized by the Czech Gas Association, to support the natural gas utilization in transport is the NGV international conference „Perospects for the Development and Use of CNG and LNG in Transport held in Prague.

Since the first year, the conference project has become a reputable. Conference is a great opportunity to meet well-known domestic and foreign specialists from the NGV branch. Participants can get a lot of an up-to-date information from the NGV world, the Czech Republic and CEE countries. Attendees can discuss the newest technologies, market opportunities for CNG or LNG cars and infrastructure development in all the region of Central Europe. A self-standing exhibition of NGV technics and technology is a part of this conference, as well.

Conference is addressed to representatives of the Gavernmental, State and Municipal administration, Enterpreneurial Subjects, as well as to the General Public.

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